Mindful Sales Podcast

Learn to increase sales with a positive, customer-focused approach.

Mindfulness author Joy Rains is joined by her husband Bill to share lessons from their combined 70+ years of sales experience.

Each episode ends with a short guided meditation or visualization.

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Episode 1

Learn what mindfulness is and how it can help in your sales activities. The episode ends with a short guided meditation to help you center and focus.

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Episode 2

Learn about the “STUFF” in the mind and how it can create obstacles. Discover a simple technique to interrupt your stuff and center your mind.

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Episode 3

Learn how to respond when you hear the word “no.” This episode ends with a guided meditation to help your body remain relaxed when you hear objections.

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Episode 4

Learn about the challenges of listening. The episode ends with a short guided visualization to help train you to listen to your customers.

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