Joy’s sales seminar was a breath of fresh air. As a solopreneur, I have to sell, and it scared me. Her techniques are laid back and doable for me. I don’t have to have a personality transplant to succeed. I made more sales in the week after her seminar than I had in the previous month.

Joy has a poised, confident, and creative style of presenting The Mindful Selling Solution training. She engages her audience with exercises and discussion, brings humor into the experience, and her stories illustrate the concepts taught. It was a great training professionally and personally. I highly recommend Joy!

One-on-one mindful sales training

Sales training is essential for the entrepreneur or small business owner who excels at their specialty, but has a gap in skills. If they’ve never been taught to apply selling skills to their business, thousands of dollars in lost revenue can be left on the table.

I’ll teach you how to capture this business in three one-hour virtual sessions customized to YOU. You’ll learn basic selling skills to generate more business, methods for building strong client relations, and skills to help realize your goals.

These interactive mindful sales training sessions will give you techniques to apply immediately to build your business. The training package includes materials and my book Ignite Your Sales Power! Mindfulness Skills for Sales Professionals. Single sales consultation sessions also available. To book your sessions, please get in touch!